Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Hey folks. 

This week's organization is:
House of Ruth provides housing and support services for people with HIV/AIDS and their families who are homeless, at risk of losing their homes, or need financial help. They do this through a continuum of services such as emergency shelter, short and long-term housing, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, advocacy for clients, and basic needs assistance to provide food, clothes, rent, utilities, public transportation, and back-to-school support. Please share your love to support House of Ruth!

In addition to my monetary contribution, I humbly present you a song by Anohni. It's one of the most honest, thoughtful, and caring songs I've ever heard. Whenever I play this song, I'm left with a tremendous sense of gratitude for the love I've been shown by the people in my life, whether it's someone I've known for years or someone I've just met. We should be thankful for the love we receive each day and not take it for granted. We should give that love back to those we know and don't know. I'm beyond thankful to Anohni for writing this wonderful song and hope to honor it properly every time I sing it. Thank you Anohni!

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