Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Hey folks.
This week's organization is:

Established in 1896, Neighborhood House was the first settlement house in Kentucky. Over 121 years later, it serves as a community center for children and families living in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, as well as other surrounding low-income neighborhoods. Poverty among the families (45%) and children (55%) that come to Neighborhood House exceeds both the national average and the rates in the poorest counties in Kentucky.

In addition to my financial contribution, here's a song called 'I Feel Alright' by Steve Earle. It's a song that makes me feel better every time I play it and serves as an uplifting reminder to stay positive. Even though it can be easy sometimes to feel somber amidst the adversity we face each day, I'm thankful for what makes us better, kinder, happier human beings. So whatever you're doing today, I hope you feel alright too.     

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